The existence of only one buyer in a market, forcing sellers to accept a lower price than the socially optimal price. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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monopsony mo‧nop‧so‧ny [məˈnɒpsəni ǁ -ˈnɑː-] noun [uncountable]
ECONOMICS a situation where there are many sellers but only one buyer for a product or service:

• Many government bureaux are in the position of monopsony in buying labour, such as firemen, army officers and policemen.

— monopsonist noun [countable]

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monopsony UK US /məˈnɒpsəni/ noun ECONOMICS
[U] a situation in a market in which there is only one buyer for goods or services offered by several sellers: »

Since most of the biggest marketplaces are run by buyers, they tend to risk monopsony.

[C] a buyer who is the only one in a market in which the goods or services are offered by several sellers: »

People have accused the big wine buyer of being a monopsony.

monopsonist noun [C]

For many years the steel industry has acted as a monopsonist.

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